.. where Ikea visits a bakery and eats Pumpkin Cheesecake

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what? i was organizing my fotografs from Turkey when i got this tweet from my friend Heidi to come and check out the new Pumpkin Cheesecake. I have to tell u, we, giraffes are not much into pumpkins usually. But since halloween is coming and i have always wanted to check out a bakery AND my friend Sipsik is very much into cakes, so it sounded a like a good plan for Saturday morning.

Apparently, first thing u can do in a bakery is to ring a bell. That looked very similar to the bell we had in the hotel in Turkey in fact. First lesson: bakeries are a lot like hotels.

After introducing myself i could go and check out the bakery itself. First thing that i noticed were eggs, hehe!

as u may know, i like eggs a lot! in fact there were many many eggs pretty much everywhere, not only the fridge. LOTS OF EGGS! Lesson number two: cakes are mostly made out of eggs.

Here’s me and the machines for egg-whipping. Since it was Saturday, all the egg-whipping had already been finished for the week! So i have to come back to see how it is really done with these fun-looking machines.

Here’s a fotograf of me and what they make out of these eggs. (and other things, like chokolate. and berries. and nuts. and rum. and many other things…) Lot’s of stuff actually..

.. and this is what we got – the Pumpkin Cheesecake. quite big, don’t you think?
so i gathered some friends to try this cake at our place, in Kadriorg. Apparently, some friends of my friend Sipsik also somehow heard about this cake and came along as well!! (Lesson three – news about cheesecakes travel fast!) Here’s some of us contemplating our moves:

Finally my friend Lotte proposed an excellent idea of cutting the cake with one flowery thing on each piece. Which we did:

AND i have to tell u, i don’t have too many more fotografs except this last one. You know why? Because this Pumpkin Cheesecake was really really really good in fact. And do you know why? – i have no idea. Well, definitely i have to investigate more into this mystery of cheesecakes.. but it seems to me that cheesecakes (if they are as tasty as this one) can definitely make my top 20 list of best things to eat. It could be because they taste a little bit like ice-cream. In fact i remember now that not long ago i was having this strawberry cheesecake ice-cream from mr. Jerry and mr. Ben and that was also very good indeed.. so here’s lesson number four: Pumpkin Cheesecake tastes as good as strawberry cheesecake ice-cream and it’s not even an ice-cream! That’s gr8 news! (also my friend Sipsik says here she liked the taste which made the cake taste a bit like Christmas cookies. (i have to agree, because, as far as me and Teddies can tell, Christmas cookies are the BEST!))

Also what i found out later, is that they also make cakes out of marzipan. i have never tried marzipan myself, but i hear from my friend @Mooseherd that marzipan is best thing ever (not sure about that, because definitely it can’t beat acacia leaves or even ice-cream..!) So, probably i will go back there and try to see how this marzipan cake tastes like. What’s sounds gr8 about this marzipan is that they can even make little giraffe figures out of it, jei! Take a look at these fotografs, for example! Looks like lots of fun! Maybe i could even make some of my own? Until then, let me know if u have made any marzipan figures? or been to any bakeries or tried any cheesecakes!? Have fun and cu l8r!

ps. i have to put a disclaimer in here somewhere. I’m not sure what a disclaimer is, but my friend Leenu says that u have to put a disclaimer in, if you get something for free. And we got the cake for free, so here it comes. Disclaimer: Got this Pumpkin Cheesecake for free from the bakery.

.. where Ikea is hunting for ice-cream

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

now. as i mentioned earlier, there is one thing every giraffe knows – when u go to Paris, u need to have some ice-cream! so, after some sightseeing..

.. and some geocaching (: ..

.. i went to hunt for some ice-cream from Île Saint-Louis!

it is an island in fact, right in the middle of the river! it is actually quite small island, so it seems to me that you can only find ice-cream shops there. and also a restaurant with cows on the windows. i actually told Undu about these cows and he was totally psyched! unfortunately, i have no fotografs of those cows.

ooh, this one tasted really really good. i think ice-cream is moving up fast in my top 100 best things to eat. (if u ask what place, then i’d say around 24th, because there are still 19 dishes of acacia leaves and 4 from apples that definitely stay ahead.) but there is one important thing – there is really two different kinds of ice-cream (shops) on that louis island – Amorino and Berthillon. and if u ask me, then they are totally different. so, after i finished my amorino, i was still a little hungrig, so i went to hunt for that other one! in fact, there was even a line for this one:

but eventually everyone got their ice-creams, including me – as u can see from the fotograf below. ooh, and by the way there has been some really nice weather last few weeks, so i tried some local ice-cream here and it is not that good. so, if u are travelling to Paris, then go to the ice-cream island! or, perhaps u have been there? which one did u like, the amarino or the berthillon? or maybe u can recommend me more very good ones to try? let me know in comments! so, have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea meets French Cuisine

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

since i was in Paris just few weeks ago and i have heard that some of my friends are also going, i thought i give you some idea of french cuisine for tourist giraffes.

first of all, right out of hostel in the morning there is nothing better than a nice bottle of milk.

then, after a little bit of walking i usually get hungrig. so it is good time to take a crepe au chocolat.

because of springtime, the smell of cherry trees keeps you going. or, occasionally you can eat them.

for lunch, usually it is good to take some magic strawberries. that’s regular strawberries with some creme fraiche.

and the of course for the evening – a good dinner. for example we visited a restaurant that my friend Ardi opened just about two weeks before. it’s called Le Comptoir des Petits Champs. they have really good broccoli there.

as u can see, that’s what i was getting. the meat (and the wine too actually) is for my friend sipsik, she is a big meat-eater. and of course you cannot do without a lot of ice-cream!!! well, i have to tell u that the post about ice-cream is not yet ready.. but since ice-cream is so important part of Paris, i must write a separate post about it. so stay tuned! have fun and cu l8r!