Post Number 100!!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

u know, last weekend me and Angel and Undu spent counting the blog posts. and apparently, this is the post number #100!! That’s a lot of posts for a giraffe, like me, don’t you think? so, i just wanted to say two things really:

for one, thank u all for reading! and comments too, says Angel. so thanks for coming, and i hope u can come back here again! also, especially i would like to say hi to all my friends on Twitter and Facebook. like all the Moose and other Giraffes, for example, hehe!

and secondly, if u know other giraffes or animals that have fun blogs or fotografs, please let me know! there are not many giraffes here in Estland, (not even in Zoo, i’m afraid), so i would like to meet everybody on-line. and perhaps i can travel to visit, some day. i like travel a lot, u know!

so, thanks again for stopping, and have fun! also, let me know your fun ideas in comments! tack! cu l8r!

Merry Christmas to all my friends!!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

just wanted to say hello and wish you all Merry Merry Christmas! Thanks for reading my little blog here and thanks for being fun! it seems to me that it is not so easy to have fun, so it is gr8 that some are. Especially i remember some great fun stuff by many giraffes, moose, teddies, snails, dogs, cats, lemurs and an otter! hehe. so thanks all and i hope you all have lots of snow by now! Have fun and cu l8r!