.. where Ikea is checking out Tartu Maraton track

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
Like i said, with a huge skiing event of Tartu Maraton with more than 6000 participants happening on Sunday this week, i went to check out this skiing track. although without skis, i’m afraid. because in africa, giraffes don’t do ski marathons, only running.

so i only walked a little from the finish area and found this huge banner saying “last kilometer”. i guess everyone who gets here from the start will also get to finish, looks like..

..unless of course there is a dog, like happened to me! luckily, Undu has taught me some basic dog speak, so after a while both the giraffe and the dog went our separate ways (as planned) :) u can see the whole trip and some other nature fotografs over here. so, if u are also going, have fun and say hello to all!