.. where Ikea and Undu discuss the importance of miniature cows and drink lemonade

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

few days ago me and Undu discussed the important matter of miniature cows. If u didn’t know yet – then Undu has one in his sheep-coat pocket, somehow. Apparently, he likes cows a lot. So we took some time to discuss how miniature cows have changed his views on things in general and what he is planning to do when the snow comes down. He says he would like to become a snowballfighter, but shh.. it’s a bit secret for now! And we tried this new thing called lemonade from my friend, Limpa.

I can tell u right now that Limpa is a pig, who makes lemonade. He has different kind, but this one in black and yellow cans is one of my favorites. You know why – because it is in a can! i don’t like the lemonades in the bottles, because they are a bit too tall for drinking. YES – even for me, a giraffe! Very hard to drink from, in fact. So instead i like my lemonade canned. And cold – from refrigerator. Refrigerator is something that is used for keeping lemonades cold, most of the time. And ice-cream, of course too! Except this one time when Angel was fiddling with the computer (again!) and electricity went away and all lemonade was warm and ice-cream melted and Teddies were happy because they could eat (drink) ice-cream that time (because they can’t eat cold stuff because they get sore throats that way). But that’s really only once and later we learned it was not Angels fault, it was the men working outside on the street.
These are the kind of stories that we were talking about with Undu – when talking about the importance of these miniature cows, small pockets and drinking lemonade. What kind of stories come to your mind when drinking lemonade? Let me know! Have fun and cu l8r!