blog mystery..

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

im sure you are as much surprized as i am when i found out that the blog has changed! in fact, it is all quite messed up!! this is very mysterious because i was away for couple of days u know!! but! i know angel and the teddies where here.. all i know for now that it was not planned. so, i am going to investigate if it can be repaired. so long, u can help Gary the Giraffe with some apples, hehe! have fun and cu l8r!

..where Ikea has a new homepage

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

i have to tell you that i have a new homepage now! i wonder, how many giraffes have their homepage at all? and how many of those then have a blog? and then make fotografs? i guess i have to find out someday. so, it’s and you’ll see this blog has moved there. but it’s much nicer, because i have a really big background fotograf there – check it out! you may even need to borrow a larger screen to see that, actually :)

if you are already here, you can probably see some new links and old links too on the right. so, the second big news is that i have a new facebook fan page! now you can become a friend or a fan or both. btw, did you notice – facebook, friend and fan are all starting with “f”, just like “fun”?

also, i’m still working on both the homepage/blog and facebook pages. it’s not so easy at all, when you are a giraffe, like me. especially typing, hehe :) so, please comment what you think of it and share some ideas what you’d like to see here! since i have no fotografs this time, thanks for now and cu l8r!