.. where a new girl moves in with Ikea

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what happened! like my friend Sipsik said some time ago (she said we may have another friend moving in with us soon) we have now another gr8 friend living with us, in Kadriorg! that’s great news! also, the second best news is that our new friend is a girl! She is a dog and her name is Lotte!

so, we right away we gathered around Lotte to ask some most important questions. u know like – what is your name (Lotte), where are you from (Gadgetville), what is your favorite color (red) and what is your favorite fun thing to do (to invent) and many other very very important questions. but maybe Lotte will blog about her some other time in the future, right now i will leave the other answers a secret, hehe! oh, but did u know, she is actually a movie star!!
so, apparently, Lotte especially likes to invent stuff and she is really smart! that means she is very good at some fun things that we did not know were fun. like for example, Lotte found a Rubik’s Cube that the Teddies had messed up. in fact, it was so messed up that we contemplated taking apart all the color stickers and putting them back together so it would be ok. there was also another alternative put forward by Saab – to eat it. luckily we choose to eat ice-cream instead. as it turns out, even the Teddies cannot mess the cube up so badly that Lotte cannot put it back in the order!! (we tried three times, in fact. we even used the help of my friend Sipsik, she is also very good at messing it up, u know!) so, here’s Lotte teaching me the tricks of the Cube:

apparently, it is very much fun! it seems to me that if i practice alot, i could even get one side together. it will probably be the orange side then, it’s my favorite!
actually there are lots of fun things Lotte knows about, in fact i need to go now because Lotte promised to teach us a little about Judo. i know nothing about it, but it sounds like fun. do you know about Judo? let me know! in the meatime, i will try to go and see if i can go and participate in the running marathon this year! we’ll see. have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea goes to small zoo and meets Pippi Långstrump’s horse

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

how are u these days? i am doing gr8, thank you for asking! it is kind of fun, being a giraffe, it seems to me! like for example, i went to this very nice small zoo on Muhumaa – another island, i’m afraid, hehe! although a very small for a zoo, they have really fun animals, u know. birds mostly, in fact. for example they have these really big birds with big eyes called ostriches!! check it out:

i have to tell u, i kind of like them already. because of two things: 1. they have a long neck. in fact, their neck is actually longer than mine, giraffe’s. [also – a note to my friend otter – if u read this: if they lower their head, they look kinda like a hoovers!!] but u should not be afraid, i have heard from my other friends giraffes, who live in Africa that they have many friends ostriches actually. and 2. they like running a lot. u know, sometimes my giraffe friends in Africa don’t like ostriches – because the ostriches beat them in the marathon running sometimes, hehe!

so, here u can see the small ostriches. they are not so scary at all, are they? :) but they have some other birds in the zoo too. like for example nandus and emus. i don’t have fotografs of them, but they have on their homepage. they are all ostriches actually, but because they live on other continents, they have a new name. like for example me, i have name Ikea here in Estland, and when i go to Holland my name is Olaf! jei!
but, they also have a big red kangaroo called Gunnar and lots of wallabies there. here’s one wallaby (two actually, i think), because of the small one in the pocket!

kangaroos are quite fun too! u know why – because they have a pocket! u know, my friend Undu also has this sheep costume and this sheep costume also has a pocket! Undu has a cow inside the pocket! i don’t know why.
i have to tell u that i liked this zoo a lot. because these animals that they have are really fun ones. for example, look at this pony over here:

i guess u already know why i like her – she’s half-orange! here i am telling her to come a little bit closer, so i can hop on.

so, here we go!! jei! i guess this is first time ever giraffes have been riding on a horse, hehe. lot’s of fun!! although i have to say that we could not go too far, because of the fences. so, maybe next time when i go travel, i go on a horse. a small one like this?
anyways, she was not the only one horse there, there was another one with spots!! have u read about Pippi Långstrump? Pippi Långstrump, (like Nils Holgersson) is a compulsory reading for everyone in Sweden. because of all the fun things she does. and if u have read that, then u know that she had a white horse with spots. so please meet – a Pippi horse! (say hello!)

well, i guess she is not the horse that the book-Pippi had. so, if there is a Pippi horse, Pippi must be nearby. so i went looking. and i have to tell u, i did not find Pippi, nor the spunk, for that matter. but i did find some huge eggs! very nice big ones in fact. oh, wait! i remembered i have to go now. so, let me know if u have found some nice eggs recently? u can also guess who’s eggs are these: (below) until the, have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea introduces: Snails!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Guess what? I now have a new singnature item!! and it is not a giraffe, it’s SNAILs!

(well, that last one is not a snail, it is a mini geocoin with a cow on it, very nice!) normally, i would have taken giraffes as a singnature item, u know, but giraffes are really not so easy to find! especially here, in Estland. in fact, there is rarely ANY giraffes here at all (besides me) and even then, most of them live with us, in Kadriorg! which basically means that they don’t really have small giraffe figures available, i’m afraid. so, instead, my new signature items are SNAILs!

Signature items is something u put in every (most) caches that u find, when u go geocaching. me and my friends, we go geocaching quite often in fact, so it is great to have a signature item. that way everyone can see that u have been there. although, someone else can take it with them as well. so it really gets a bit complicated for a giraffe, like me. but it is good to have one. and i have SNAILs!

i know some fellow Estonian geocachers have LADYBUGs. they are really nice. but snails are quite fun too. i have some snail pals on twitter, so i know they are fun. although the signature items are just snail figures. they are not real snails, like the ones on twitter. this week in fact we have a plan to go geocaching with Undu. so we can test out these fun snails, jei! so i guess i’d better go packing right away. until then, let me know if u have a signature item and what it is! have fun and cu l8r!