Ikea stuck in a car

Hello, this is Angel, Ice-bear.

just a quick note that Ikea is not here today. The odds are that he is either stuck in a car or playing hide-and-seek. Also, it is quite possible that he is packing a bag to go on a trip! (Oh, it was supposed to be a secret, Teddies are telling) oh well. The thing is, that i could not find any cool pictures of me NOR ice nor even anything from Ikea. So instead, I am reposting this funny-looking guy from Latvia – Edgars. Hedgehog, as a matter of fact. Don’t you just smile when you look at him? A fun little fellow, eats apples and all.

Ok, need to go and see if there’s any B&J left. Until then, bye bye!

.. where Angel (ice-bear) meets ice figures

Hello folks! It’s me, Angel, here. Ikea is still busy doing other zings..
so, instead, me, an ice-bear. Luckily for me (and Ikea i guess) I have new Ice pics! As you may have read, ice is grand! So i read in the news about this grand park with ice figures, to check it out immediately. And what do i find! Very nice ice! Oh, and i took photos, as i said:

As you can see here, a hedgehog. Quite well crafted and recognizable in shape. Loooove the dots on the sides. Someone has stuck a coin on it’s forehead.. lame.

A wolf actually. Fishing – couldn’t tell, but i read it on the stand. I guess those on the side are fish-heads. Big ones! And mind you, it’s not a glow-wolf, there’s just a lamp behind it.

Magnificent fork! Reminds me of a sketch by Monty Python, also about a fork, evidently. I have yet to see a fork so massive though! Almost as high as a neighboring Opera house, as you can see!  Very well lit too! Did I mention there was a knife also? There was a knife also! (but smaller)

And here’s one of my favorites, a Bird! Ice Bird, not Larry or Angry or any of those. Could be an eagle though..

There were some others too, like a frog or averyniceblockofICE – at least that’s what it looked like. All very very much fun, so highly recommended to go and check it out. They are in Tammsaare park right now, but i suspect they might melt after a while. OR i might go and nick one or two.. Well, that DOES sound like a good plan, when I think about it..! So I have to go now then, best Fishes and stay cool!

.. where Ikea mees a guest from America

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! i met a famous person (or should i say mouse?) couple of weeks ago. His name is Mickey Mouse and he’s from America. United States of America in fact. Like for example me, I’m from Netherlands. Or Sweden even. But right now i live in Kadriorg! This is kind of what happened to Mickey as well. He lives in Finland, most of the time, but sometimes visits Estonia as well. He is quite funny, he can do Moonwalk for example! It’s real fun, like going backwards!! So here i took a fotograf of me with Mickey. We are discussing my idea of Top 100 things to eat, but he was not much into acacia, hehe! I’m not surprised, actually!
In fact, i need to go and work on this list right now! so, let me know if there is anything you viagra like to ask Mickey when he comes around next time – in comments! Have fun and cu l8r!