.. where Ikea is checking out Konuvere bridge

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! it’s gr8 big snow outside!! but i can’t go outside, because there is snow everywhere and also, very cold!!

But it seems that i have not posted the fotograf from my last trip with my friend Piia. In fact, we went to Konuvere. It’s a small place little bit of South-West of Tallinn. The gr8 thing about Konuvere is the bridge. It is quite old, about 150 years. In fact, when it was built, probably it was the longest such bridge in the World!! – my friend Lotte told me. So it is quite old and quite long. And it is renovated. Renovated is when u take a really old bridge and make it look like it was new. So it does not look like old, but it is! It says so on the little sign. I can also tell it is old. Because nobody uses it any more. For exempel there is another bridge for cars just next to it, hehe! Funny, don’t u think? Oh, and we went geocaching, too! So here comes the fotograf. Thanks to my friend, Piia. Have u been travelling to any old bridges recently? Let me know!! Have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea goes to Prangli

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!
guess what!? i got to do some travelling last week! to an island. it’s not Madagascar, i’m afraid, but it is Prangli. It is a small island just a little bit North from Kadriorg. You have to take a boat! so we did!

as u can see, it was called Vesta. it’s really nice boat, but we, giraffes, are not so fond of boats. especially small one like these, because it takes a lot of time to arrive. luckily, we had little bags of snack with us!

but, finally we arrive at this very nice small island, jei! but there were some really fun houses. for exempel, they had grass growing on the roofs!!

and even then, nobody lived inside the houses. apparently, they were for tourists, and giraffes. like me!

But there were also other things on the island besides houses and trees. for example, there were also stones. This is the biggest one that i could find: the red stone!

it’s not too red, it’s more like pink, but it also has stuff growing on it, so it is quite hard to tell exactly. the good thing about this stone is that there is also a geocache nearby, hehe! and we discovered the cache and logged. good fun, if u ask me!
other things that are on the island and are red and are not stones, trees or houses are mushrooms! we, giraffes are not very much fond of mushrooms. but i like the name “mushroom”. somehow the other part of the word is room, but it has nothing to do with rooms, i’m afraid, because they mostly grow outside. for exampel this beautiful red mushroom called “fly agaric“:

as my smart friend Lotte explained, these red mushrooms also grow elsewhere, not only on Prangli. Just like the houses, trees and stones, apparently – but not necessarily in the same place. including the sea!
so, highly recommended by Ikea to take a trip to this Prangli island if u are in the area. But what about you? Have u been to any islands recently? le me know! have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Ikea travels to Viru raba (bog)

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

apparently, it has been more than 2 years since i have been to bogs! so, me and my friend Sipsik decided to end this run of 24-months-without-bogs series once and for all! because, u know, bogs are quite nice in this neck of woods! Estland, that is.

so, we went to this bog called Viru raba (Viru bog). Not sure about this name Viru, but many places east of Kadriorg seem to have this name. My friend Lotte says that it is probably to do with Finns, but i couldn’t tell. And also, the Finns live more towards North, not to East of here. So it is a bit of a mystery in fact..

but the bog is quite nice. and – which we, giraffes like best about these nice bogs – they have boardwalks!! because u know, it is quite hard to walk in a bog (or run!) if u are a giraffe. much easier, if you are a crocodile, if u ask me, hehe! so, boardwalks are gr8! and they are quite loooong too, as u can see!

The boardwalks usually take you to some place. For example, in Viru bog, they take you to the lakes and a tower. Here’s a not-so-gr8 photograph of me and lakes – from the tower:

These towers are quite nice, but only 5 people can go up at a time. Not a word about giraffes, so you can bring lots, i think..
I like this boardwalk in Viru raba especially because it even goes past the tower! so, u can go to the lakes, and make a circle back to where u started that way. Unless of course u get hungrig.. Which can also happen, if u walk with small steps, like me. Luckily we had prepared for this and brought along some cake, jei!

(also, i can secretly tell u that we also found lots and lots of blueberries – but don’t tell anyone, i plan going back there with a jar! Especially don’t tell the Teddies, because they are quite mad about blueberries. For example, last Tuesday they ate a book, which had blueberries on it’s cover!!) Strawberry cake in fact. I think it was probably the best strawberry cake i have ever tried in a bog. I have to put it on my top 100 best cakes to eat list, probably. Which reminds me that i have not updated the list for a while. Maybe i will try to cook something for next week..

Well, i will go and have a think about that. Until then, thanks for stopping, have fun and cu l8r! and if you can recommend any other bogs to visit, please let me know!