..where Ikea is vacationing in Mexico

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

I have now finally had time to organize my fotografs from the vacation. so here it’s me in Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda Hotel in Quintana Roo near Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

First of all, this is a picture from the hotel where i meet with the locals. They are swans called Blues and Esmeralda. They work as hotel towels in their free time, but normally they just go from room to room to sleep in guest beds when people are out on the beach.

Most of the day i was doing my favorite thing – sunbathe – by the pool. So here it’s me sunbathing:

But there were lots of things to do on vacation in Mexico. For example, drink coctails. my favorite coctail is ‘blue giraffe’ hehe :)

other things to have fun in Mexico:

1. go hiking in the wild-wild jungle in search of acacia leaves:

2. or, snorkel and try to scare small fish:

3. or, make a flag of Mexico:

4. or, play chess:

5. or, go geocashing:

:) of course, it is not so easy to do all this when you are a giraffe, but it’s worth trying! so, that’s it for Mexico for now. But you can check into my facebook, i have posted there some fotografs of my flight to Mexico and back! see you then!

..where Ikea goes to see triathlon

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea.
I am now trying to post more fotografs more often. so, this is what i did for the weekend – i went to see some other sports called triathlon. Apparently you have to swim, go biking and then run as well. it’s like xdreaming, but more boring, somehow. So this time, i only went to see. I have also seen this guy Tomm on tv – usually when i get up in the morning, he is on tv – so, i had to check out how he is doing.
So, here it is me waiting for the swimmers:

.. and now waiting for bikers:

.. and here i am looking for runners. they are quite slow, hehe :)

i have to say, lot’s of good fun. since i took many fotografs, it takes so long to upload them here that i fell asleep. so instead, please look at for more fotos from Pühajärve triathlon here in picasa.