.. where Ikea talks how he met Sipsik

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

Many times people and other friends have asked me about where I am from and how I got my name, Ikea. So, let me tell you!

As much as can remember the first time i saw Sipsik in Göteborg, in this small bookstore that i was staying at the time. In fact, i don’t know how i got to the bookstore myself, and this is pretty much the first thing i remember about myself, being in the bookstore. I have to tell u that there were not many animals in the bookstore, besides me, a giraffe. Only books. And then, of course, the visitors. Like for exempel one older lady with blonde hair that came every day to fika and read a book or two in the store. Mostly detective stories, i think. And then i also remember one girl who usually came with 4-5 friends. She didn’t buy anything, but she came almost every day to look at me, a giraffe! It was Sipsik.

One day one of her friends came to the store without Sipsik and told me that she was going to take me to a new home. The only condition – i had to go into a paper bag and stay there until right time. I was not quite sure where we were going, but i soon found out – suddenly someone was opening the bag and there was: Sipsik! It was her birthday and I was the present, hehe! Very nice to be a present for someone who likes giraffes a lot!

But i was not the only present. There were other friends who brought presents. Especially it was fun for everybody to find out that two people had brought teddy-bears to Sipsik without knowing that the other person had the exact same Teddy! And they DID look alike, i can tell u! Here’s me, Sipsik, the teddies and friends:

So, it was all gr8 fun! But now there was a problem, how to call the teddies. Because, u know, u can’t call one teddy-bear teddy-bear without the other teddy-bear also noticing. So, it was decided at the party to rename teddies and me. I don’t know how it was exactly decided, because u know, it was decided in a secret teddy-bear-and-a-giraffe-naming-meeting, but i know the names had to be local. So as we were in Sweden, it just so happens that i got to be Ikea. As u may know, it is also a store, where u can buy cupboards and stuff. And the teddies, they got the names of Swedish cars – Saab och Volvo!

so now u know! how did u get your name? have fun and cu l8r!

.. where Jonas moves in!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

woohoo, guess what happened! i had so many things going on that i forgot to do some blog posts! that’s ok, it happens with us, giraffes, sometimes. Giraffes are usually very busy, if u ask me! But in last weeks, really really many important things have happened. first of all, Holland lost in football. This is the sad news. Happy news is that we have new people and giraffes that have moved in with us! For example Lotta – but i don’t have a picture with her. But more importantly, let me present – Jonas!

Jonas is a giraffe, like me. Me and my friend Sipsik found Jonas in a shop, living together with a radiator and six pairs of shoes. Not much fun, i’m afraid. So we asked if he would like to move in with us instead! Jonas is lots of fun, he likes adventure and climbing trees!

he is not into fotografs very much because he is quite shy – as u see from the first fotograf, hehe. He also likes jumping up and down and playing hide-and-seek (gr8 news). That’s as much as we have found out so far! Maybe we’ll find out more about Jonas later, but we’ll see. Is there anything you would like to know? If u have, let me know in comments! tack!
Have fun and cu l8r!

.. where something very sweet happens!

Hello there! It’s me, Ikea!

guess what! like my friend Otter says: Best Thing Ever happened! Well, definitely in top 5, if you ask me! The other four being: acacia leaves, the invention of sunbathing, discovery of ice cream and the arrival of Olafs! And now – i got this message on my FB page:

Dear Ikea,
I´m Charlie and I look just like you. I am so happy that I found you.


For a long time I´ve been looking for someone of our kind and was quite desperate – perhaps that I am the only one in the big wide world. But now I´ve found you.

I send a foto of me and think we could be twins. I live in Germany and hope we can be friends.

It´s great that you can travel so much around our Planet. I will travel to Egypt in August.


I hope you are well
Your Charlie

This is the best message ever!! Here’s me looking at the fotograf that Charlie has taken of himself (below). And u have to believe me, it is not me, it’s Charlie (also giraffe)!! It may be that we ARE in fact twins! Because, u know, although I am from Sweden, my family is from Holland and Germany is quite near there! Next door even, maybe – so it’s possible u know..

WOHOO! WOHOO! WOHOO!! JEI JEI! JEI!! Giraffes in my looft!!